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Category: Weather and Natural Disaster Resources

Hurricane Season Ends November 30th

As November comes to an end, so is the 2015 Atlantic Hurricane Season. Fortunately, all 11 storms bypassed Florida this hurricane season.

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Dangers of Lightning-Strike Fires

Each year, the state of Florida experiences more lightning strikes per square mile than any other place in North America. With over 10,000 lightning-caused claims, valued at nearly $74 million in losses in 2014, the Insurance Information Institute reports Florida to be the state with the highest number of lightning-related insurance claims in the country. Lightning caused fires are not a new occurrence. Statistics reported by the Insurance Information Institute show an average of 22,600 lightning-strike fires took place between the years  2007 to 2011. Nineteen percent of those fires took place in homes, resulting in an average of nine fatalities and over $451 million in property damage a year.  A lightning-strike fire can set a home in flames in seconds, destroying everything in sight. In 2014, Florida endured 265 building, home, and wildfires caused by lightning.  During the summer months, heavy storms and lightning are to be expected and it is important to consider the p ...
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Carbon Monoxide Poisoning Prevention During Power Outages

Carbon Monoxide is a colorless, odorless gas with the potential to kill or seriously harm without warning. Although hundreds of deaths in the U.S. occur from accidental carbon monoxide poisoning each year, they are preventable. 

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Insurance Tips for Preparing for a Hurricane

Knowing these insurance tips on how to prepare for a storm before it arrives will not only reduce your risk of harm, it may also accelerate your recovery process. 

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