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Florida Landscaping Tips to Prevent Flooding

Florida Landscaping Tips to Prevent Flooding

Living in Florida means living in or near a flood zone. Flooding is the most common disaster reported in the United States, as 90% of natural disasters involve some form of flooding. Learn how you can prevent flooding in your Florida home with some of these easy landscaping tips.

Form Swales

The areas of land where water typically collects is known as a swale and is created on purpose to collect and redirect water. Forming swales around your property can help direct water away from your home and towards drains or canals. You can take advantage of a natural depressions or ditches on your property and add rocks to the lowest points in the swale and deep-rooting plants on the slopes to slow down the waters flow and prevent flooding.

Utilize Plants

Florida is rich in native water-tolerant plants. Visit your local plant shop and ask about plants have a high water tolerance, have roots which grow below-ground, and do not require frequent watering in between rainfalls. You can decorate with these plants around your home, or create your own rain garden. Planting your garden 10 feet away from your home with these native plants will help hold excess water in the garden and prevent flooding around your home.

Add New Grass or Heavy Mulch

Installing new grass or a new grass species in your yard can help absorb more water. Species like Seashore paspalum, Bermuda, and St. Augustine grass are all water absorbent and can thrive in our Florida climate. If you use mulch in your landscaping, opt for a heavier kind, like hardwood mulches, to ensure it stays in place absorbing water rather than floating away and possibly clogging drains.

Divert Rain Spouts

Rain running off your roof into your gutters can be easily utilized based on where you redirect your rain spout. Prevent flooding by installing diverters, they are an inexpensive way to manage water flow by angling them towards your swales. You can creatively aim the drain over your plants or rain garden to absorb, or into a rain barrel to collect water to use for later.

Consider Flood Insurance

The best way to protect your home from flooding is by having flood insurance. If you’re wondering whether this coverage is worth it, here are a few things to consider:

  • The average cost of flood insurance is $1.59/day
  • 25% of flood claims are made from homeowners outside a high-risk flood zone
  • Hurricane damage is often caused by a combination of flood and wind
  • A typical homeowners insurance policy does not cover flood damage

Keeping your family and home safe and protected during flood season is Edison Insurance Company’s number one priority. Adding flood coverage is simple, just ask your agent what flood products are right for your insurance needs, or call us at 866-568-8922.


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