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Why You Should Get Mover’s Insurance


Moving costs can get pretty expensive. Some people prefer to load the truck themselves, others prefer to leave it in the hands of professionals. When you finally secure a move-out date and you’re calling to schedule the appointment for the movers to arrive, be sure to keep these things in mind when deciding to accept or decline mover’s insurance:

  • Beware of “Mover’s Liability”: This is not insurance. Most moving companies will offer 60-cents on the pound if they are at fault for the damage.  This is standard coverage which movers are required to have, but think about it carefully. If your movers destroy your $2,000 couch which weighs 350 pounds, it means they are only required to pay you $250 in total if you can prove they are at fault.


  • Mover’s Insurance through the moving company: If you are taking this route, be sure the policy benefits you and not just them. They will be required to send you a copy of the policy and any other evidence sufficient enough to prove the insurance was purchased by you.


  • Personal mover’s insurance: Start by choosing the company of your liking. You’ll know exactly what you’re getting and how you will be protected.


  • Claims: If there are any disputes during the moving process, you will have to file a written claim with the mover within a certain time-frame of the delivery date. Provide as much information as you can so the company can fully investigate your claim, such as an accurate description of what happened along with multiple photographs.


  • Listen carefully: Most of the time, when you call to schedule these appointments, the person on the phone will be a fast-talker, due to so much information needing to be relayed. Be sure to ask any questions you may have and make sure they are answered completely before you make your deposit. It also helps to have something sent to you in writing so you can go over it on your own and spot anything you may have missed. Some people are more focused on getting their preferred moving date, and they wind up in a hurry to make a deposit. This is something on which you should really take your time.


  • Take photos of everything: This is the most important task before the movers arrive. Make sure you take timestamped photos of everything the movers will be taking with them on the morning of the move. Once you have these photos, store them in a safe place and if you notice any damage afterwards, you will be able to prove what the condition of the item was before the move.

Getting mover’s insurance will definitely cost you more for your move, but you must remember, the movers are human, just like you. Things may drop, get scratched or dented and you should be prepared for anything to happen. If you are insured, then a drop, bump or scratch won’t give you such a headache. Happy moving.

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