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Tips for Traveling with Kids Over the Holidays

Traveling with children can be a challenge on any day, but if you’re headed to the airport over the holiday season, you may want to keep these tips in mind:
If possible, sign up for pre-check: In order to get through TSA lines much faster, it is a good idea to sign up for pre-check. This means not having to take your laptops out of your bag or having to take your shoes off (kids too). Pre-check makes for a hassle-free TSA experience.
Wrap on arrival: You’ll want to avoid carrying gift bags by hand when you have kids with you. Pack all gifts in one suitcase and wrap everything once you’ve arrived at your destination.
Don’t wake the kids: If you plan on catching a red-eye, dress your children appropriately before they go to bed. Comfortable clothing such as long-sleeved onesies or sweat suits are great for the chilly airport. If they’re small enough, all you’ll have to do when you’re ready to go is carry them to the car. When you arrive at the airport, you can use strollers to get to your destination easily. Unless you have night owls on your hands, your children will more than likely not opt to be awake during those hours.
Take advantage of early boarding: Most airlines usually call parents with small children to board first. By boarding early, you can take your time getting your bags into the overhead compartment and get your children settled down and buckled in. Be sure to carry portable devices or books to keep your children busy. Don’t forget the headphones!
Bring LOTS of snacks: Food always cures hunger and a case of the grumps. Be sure to travel with your kids’ favorite snacks in case they start to get a little grumpy.
Travel Necessities: Be sure to carry enough diapers, milk/formula, wipes and changes of clothing for your children. Anything can happen, so it’s best to be over prepared in situations like this. You should place these items in a bag which can fit under your seat for easy access. Don’t forget to be courteous and always change your child in the bathroom whether you are in the airport terminal or on the plane.
Purchase travel insurance: Travel insurance can protect you when your trip needs to be canceled because of the weather, or even a death in the family. If you need to cancel your trip for a variety of reasons, this can really come in handy. There are several types of travel insurance, including Trip Cancellation, Lost Baggage, Medical, Dental, Emergency Evacuation, 24 Hour Traveler Assistance, Baggage Delay, Travel Delay, and Accidental Death Coverages.
Most importantly, have fun! Traveling with kids doesn’t have to be a hassle. As long as you’re prepared, everything should go smoothly. Have a safe and happy holiday season! 

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