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Archive: May 2018

5 Ways to Keep Your Home Safe While on Summer Vacation

Many families take advantage of the summer months while school is out to take their vacations. Aside from packing your bags and setting up your trip itinerary, you should also consider protecting your home and belongings while you are away. Consider these five tips before departing on vacation:

  1. Lock up: Before you depart, take a few moments to set your home security systems and double check all the doors and windows are closed and locked.


  1. Trust in a friend or neighbor:  Nothing says, “we are on vacation” more than mail piling up in your mailbox and on your front door. Have a trusted neighbor or friend nearby keep an eye on your home, and collect your mail while you are away.  Should you be gone for an extended period of time, you may want to contact the post office and stop your mail from being delivered until you have returned.


  1. Make your home look occupied: Making your home appear is one of the most effective ways to deter a burglar. Set lights on a timer both inside and outside to make it appear like someone is home. Mow the lawn right before you leave so it doesn’t grow too tall, as uncut grass will attract unwanted attention.


  1. Protect your valuables:  Reduce the chances of a theft by keeping your valuables in a safe location. Whether you choose to keep items in a lockbox, drawer, or safe be sure they are somewhere you can remember and track your home inventory.


  1. Avoid posting on social media: By posting vacation photos on social media, you are telling many you are out of town. Although it is tempting to post your vacation photos right away, it is recommended to wait until you have returned to protect your home and valuables.

Enjoy your well-deserved vacation, and in case the unfortunate occurs, you can rest assured Edison Insurance Company has you covered.
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