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Ho Ho Homeowners Coverage from Edison Insurance Company


Holidays and homeowners insurance don’t usually go in the same sentence, but they should. This time of year brings with it extra cooking, extra decorating, and extra fun. This time of year also brings with it more fires, more accidents, and more injuries. Therefore, having the proper homeowners coverage can be like having your own Secret Santa or helpful elf.


Fires; the most common holiday horror. There are many causes for fires during the happiest time of year. Unattended stovetops and ovens, campfires for smores, improper electrical connections of holiday lights, etc. Most homeowners insurance policies will cover damage to your structure and contents should an accidental fire occur in your home.


Things to think about: is your Coverage A limit enough to rebuild should a fire consume your entire home and is your Coverage C limit enough to replace all your belongings? Having guests in your home for the holidays exposes you to additional liability risks. Keeping your visitors safe in your home is important. Before inviting guests, review your home and identify any tripping hazards. Also, remember to think of the littlest of guests and remove any choking hazards from their reach. Ensure your guests have a great time, consider limiting any alcoholic consumption to minimize any injuries to self and property. In the event someone is injured in your home, the liability portion of your policy will protect you as well as the Coverage F portion which will pay any medical bills incurred by visitors up to the selected limit on your policy.


Take steps to limit your exposure to these holiday dangers but also review your policy to ensure you are properly protected with a comprehensive policy from Edison Insurance Company. Peace on Earth starts with the Peace of Mind the right policy. Ask your agent, how they can help you find the proper coverage or call us at 866-568-8922.

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