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What's the right amount of insurance for my home?

Your Home Insurance Coverage should match the value of your home. Homeowner's insurance cannot cover the land your home is on, only the structure. That means that the insurance amount could be less than the purchase price or loan amount. If you insure your house for $100,000, that´s the most you will get if it is destroyed, even if it would cost more to replace it. The Declarations Page on the front of your policy shows how much coverage you have. Talk with your agent or company representative if you have any questions about your insurance limits.

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Is there a waiting period for a flood policy?

Yes, if the flood policy is purchased through the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) a 30-day waiting period applies. Should you qualify for a private policy, the rate can be significantly lower with no waiting period.

Flood Insurance
Am I required to let the insurance company inspect my home?

Yes.  Inspections are conducted in an effort to identify any possible dangers or risks to the homeowners.  Any issues detected will be communicated to the policyholder and agent to ensure the proper steps are taken to maximize the safety to the homeowner and their family.  Edison Insurance inspects 100% of the homes we insure.  In the event an interior inspection is needed, a mutually agreeable time and date will be coordinated with the owner.

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Is it possible to maintain the same agent and will they earn commissions?

Your agent will remain the same, as Edison Insurance has confirmed they are contracted with our company. In addition, they will continue to earn commissions from Edison Insurance as your selected agent.

Citizens Takeout
Can I get federal assistance if my home is damaged by a flood?

Federal assistance is not guaranteed and requires an approval process. Additionally, federal assistance is almost always extended in the form of a low interest rate loan which must be repaid.

Flood Insurance
Do I need flood insurance if I am not in a flood zone?

Flood insurance is highly recommended for every homeowner in Florida, as our State is surrounded by water and very prone to flooding. Over 1/3 of all individuals seeking Federal Disaster Assistance for flood events do not live in a designated flood area.

Flood Insurance
What is personal property?

Regardless of who is at fault, this coverage pays medical expenses for others accidentally injured on your property. Medical Payments coverage does not apply to you or members of your family who live with you. Like Personal Liability it also does not apply to injuries arising out of the operation of an auto or from activities involving your at-home business.

Why was my Citizens Policy selected for Takeout/Assumption?

Designed to be the “insurer of last resort”, Citizens only offers coverage to policyholders who cannot otherwise secure coverage with an admitted, private-market carrier. Citizens Property Insurance routinely will partner with private-market carriers to assist policyholders in finding alternate coverage whenever possible. It is very common for authorized private-market insurance companies to request and participate in Takeouts/Assumptions, in an effort to reduce the amount of Citizens policies.

Learn More About The Takeout Selection Process

Citizens Takeout
I recently reviewed our home insurance policy after not looking at it for years. I am concerned that we are no longer adequately insured. How can we figure out how much home insurance we need?

You will need enough home insurance to cover the cost of the following: The structure of your home: To estimate the amount of insurance you will need to cover the structure of your home use our home insurance calculator. Your personal possessions: To determine the value of your personal possessions and belongings you should perform a home inventory. Additional Living Expenses: In the case that your home is damaged and you must live somewhere else while repairs are performed you will need coverage for those costs. A home insurance agent can help you determine the amount of additional living expense coverage you may need. Liability: Your liability to others for accidents that may happen at your home. A home insurance agent can help you determine the amount of liability coverage you need. Asking a licensed home insurance agent is always a great way to determine how much home insurance you need. They can help you determine specific coverage levels and discuss appropriate deductibles.

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Are private carriers allowed to Select the same policies for Takeout/Assumption?

Private-market carriers, such as Edison Insurance Company, are all provided with the same information and data when selecting policies from Citizens for Takeout/Assumption. It is possible for a policyholder to receive multiple offers from different carriers. This provides you an opportunity to speak with your agent about which company is best for you.  Only one carrier may assume the policy.

Citizens Takeout
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