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Tips for Making a Home Inventory

As a homeowner or renter, a home inventory is one of the most important lists you can make. The Insurance Journal estimates less than 40 percent of households keep a detailed inventory of their belongings.

 A home inventory can help you determine if you have purchased enough coverage for your contents. Having a detailed inventory of your contents may even expedite the claims process.  Edison Insurance Company highly recommends all homeowners and renters take the time to compile a detailed list of their belongings and their estimated value. Consider these tips for conducting your own home inventory.

  • Use your smartphone to take pictures or video of your belongings or simply write it down.


  • Include contents found in your attic, closets, and other storage areas where important items may be stored in boxes.


  • Update your home inventory annually.


  • Keep more than one copy of your inventory in a secure location. It is suggested to send the inventory list to yourself via email to make it accessible from another location just in case you are unable to get back into your home after a storm.

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