3 Tips to Prepare for Florida’s Rainy Season

Most Floridians are often surprised to hear Florida has a rainy season which runs from mid-May to mid-October. So far this season, in the months of May and June alone, we have experienced record-breaking rainfall in parts of Florida.

With the rain comes opportunities for accidents to occur and homes to become damaged. Without the proper coverage, such a mishap can leave your savings a little dry. Follow along as we explore ways to prepare your family and home for this season's heavy rainfall:

Safe and Dry

When the forecast calls for consecutive days of heavy rain prepare wisely. When venturing outdoors pack an umbrella or rain gear to stay as dry as possible. Consider keeping a towel in your car with an extra change of clothes and shoes. Remind children to never walk in deep puddles, as they can lead to injuries. Learn more valuable parenting tips here.

Water Free Home

When preparing your home for rainy season, start at the top.  Make certain your home's roof is in good condition and not in need of repairs. (Remember: Homeowners insurance does not cover a loss arising from a lack of routine maintenance and normal wear and tear.) Next, clear out your gutters so rain can flow smoothly and does not build up. Clear walkways of debris to avoid puddling and utilize sandbags in vulnerable areas.

In the event water should enter your home, unplug all electrical devices and appliances and move them to higher ground. If possible, turn off the source of power to your home and move your family to higher ground or evacuate. Do your best to keep children indoors and away from puddles which can contain downed powerlines for their safety.

Flood Coverage

Damages resulting from rising water are only covered by a flood policy. Should you not have flood coverage in place to repair damage done to your home and belongings, now is the time to contact your agent.  In Florida, a flood policy can most often be purchased for as little as $1.50 per day and can save you thousands of dollars in the long run, as one inch of water can result in $25,000 worth of damage. For homes which qualify, Flood coverage can be purchased from Edison Insurance at discounted rates, learn more by visiting our Flood Page.

Knowing how to protect your home and family from the rising waters during Florida's rainy season is a must for all of us. Contact your local agent today and ask for a quote to add a flood endorsement to your Edison policy and benefit from the peace of mind our company offers to secure your home and belongings. – Edison Insurance Company, the clear choice in homeowner's coverage.

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