4 College Student Insurance Tips

Sending kids off to college can be an emotional and sometimes stressful process. Parents want to ensure their child is protected while away, and often ask what insurance coverage students may have. To help you understand your college student's coverage, we share a few tips to follow below.

Review Policy for "Off-Premises" Coverage

Students under 26 years old who live on-campus are usually covered under their parents' homeowners insurance policy, under "off-premise" coverage. Each policy is different, so be sure to refer to your homeowners insurance policy to understand your policy limits.  You can call your agent or review your coverage online.

Consider Renter's Insurance

If a student is living in off-campus housing, such as renting an apartment or house, you should consider obtaining renter's insurance. Renter's policies can cover personal property which isn't typically covered by the landlord's or rental facilities' insurance. In the event of a covered loss, such as damage from theft, fire, or natural disaster, your college student's personal possessions can be covered.

Make an Inventory List

Just as you should have a home inventory, it's important to create an inventory of your college student's possessions. Take account of their expensive belongings, such as laptops, televisions, printers, and jewelry, by taking a video or writing a list you can have access to from any device. Learn more about creating a video inventory here.

Take Security Measures

Ensure the safety of your student's possessions by taking proper security measures. Keeping certain valuables at home, storing important documents and items in a small safe, and enabling location tracking on electronic devices are a few simple ways to keep expensive belongings safe.

Go Back-to-School with Edison

Edison Insurance Company is here to keep your family and home safe and protected. Make sure to review your policy and ensure you have the proper coverage. You can do so by viewing your policy online, contacting your agent, or calling us at 866-568-8922. Get your free quote on our website and see how you can be covered!

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