5 Ways to Make Your Home Safer

As a homeowner, you already know the basics. Locking your front doors, looking through the peephole, or asking "Who is it?" before opening the door, and setting the alarm are usually done by instinct. However, there is more we can do to protect our homes in just 5 simple steps:

Examine all doors in your home for potential weaknesses: To prevent intruders from kicking your door in, use a solid wood or steel door, instead of a hollow lightweight door. If you have sliding doors, inspect the locks to make sure they are sturdy. For extra protection, use a rod or metal stick to stop the door from sliding open, even after you have locked it. This method also prevents small children from sliding the door open and injuring themselves.

Use longer, tougher screws: The screws in your deadbolt strike plate (the piece of metal where the deadbolt latch goes into the door's frame) should be at least three inches long to ensure the plate is sturdy and not easily knocked out.

Warning signs: Intruders generally seek the easiest target. If you are using a security company for an alarm system such as ADT, don't hesitate to hang a sign or stick a decal on your doors and windows. Let everyone know your home security system is armed and ready.

Be creative: If an intruder does manage to enter your home, they will attempt to grab the most valuable items in a short period. Instead of placing your valuables in obvious places like the dresser drawer and bedside table, put them in a hidden safe and instead. You can even use little tricks such as leaving an old, worthless laptop or shiny costume jewelry out where they can see. It is unfortunate if your home is burglarized, but at least you'll be able to protect most of your belongings.

Practice safety measures when going on vacation: Simple steps such as placing your mail on hold, setting timers on your lights, and parking your vehicle in the garage make it difficult for people to you are planning a trip.

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