Cool Ways to Save Energy at Home

Looking for ways to cut down on your electric bill? Sometimes, we don't even realize how much electricity we are using in our homes. Following these simple energy saving tips is a sure-fire way to ensure you see a difference in the bill next month:

  • Replace your most-used light fixtures with energy saving bulbs.

  • Use timers to ensure lights are turned off during the day.

  • Use light colored lamp shades to reflect more light, reducing the need to turn on more lights.

  • Use motion detector lights for outdoor lighting to save energy.

  • Plug electronics into a power strip and turn the strip off when not in use.

  • Use a laptop instead of a computer; they use less energy than desktops.

  • Unplug battery chargers when fully charged. Most of them continue to draw power even when the device is unplugged.

  • Close the shades on the side of the house which gets the most sunlight. The more sunlight enters your home, the longer the A/C will run.

  • Wash and dry several large loads of laundry at once, so your dryer doesn't have to re heat all over again for the next use.

  • Keep your freezer full. It uses less energy than an empty one.

  • Repair refrigerator door seals if you feel cold air around the closed door or you see moisture collecting.

Once you get the hang of it, you'll come to realize how easy it is to cut electric costs. It may even inspire you to do more. It's all about breaking bad habits and instilling better ones.

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