Do You Know About Safe Digging?

Spring has sprung, and with it brings opportunities for planting new greenery on your property. Did you know, just one quick DIY digging project, or even just planting a tree in your yard could cost you? This is why April has been designated as Safe Digging Month.

Safe Digging Month serves to remind homeowners to contact 811 before conducting any landscaping or projects which require digging. Underground utility lines including electric, gas, communications, water and sewer lines can be difficult to locate, even if you know your property. If you dig without knowing where your utility lines are, it can result in disruptions or loss of service to your home and neighborhood or could cause serious injuries. A national research study conducted by the Common Ground Alliance (CGA), found 42 percent of homeowners admit they will not call 811 before planning a digging project.

In Florida, homeowners should call the Sunshine 811 number before digging. This is a free service to call a few days before starting a digging project which notifies and sends utility companies and locators to mark the underground utility lines located on your property.

We hope you practice safe digging for Safe Digging Month and throughout the year.

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