Holiday Safety Tips

The holiday season is the perfect time to create memories with family and friends. However, it is important you and your loved ones make safety a top priority. As such, we would like to provide the following holiday safety tips to lessen the risk of an accident occurring this holiday season:

  1. Check electrical decorations for any cracks or damages prior to decorating.
  2. Keep candles and lit menorahs away from flammable items and out of reach of children and pets.
  3. Reduce your risk of a fire by never overloading electrical outlets.
  4. Plants, such as poinsettias are pretty for decorative purposes but are poisonous to humans and pets, so be sure to keep them out of reach.
  5. Be sure to water your live trees often, as dry trees pose a serious fire hazard.
  6. If you use an artificial tree, choose one labeled fire-resistant.
  7. Do a complete inspection of your home to ensure all candles are blown out and all your tree lights are unplugged before going to bed or leaving home.
  8. Place Christmas trees, candles, and decorations at least three feet away from fireplaces, heaters, and radiators.
  9. Give children age-appropriate gifts and avoid small toys with detachable parts which could pose a choking hazard.
  10. Install a smoke alarm on each level of your home.  The downstairs kitchen alarm will not go off if there is a fire in the upstairs bedroom until it is too late.  "Having a working smoke alarm reduces one's chances of dying in a fire by nearly half", according to the American Red Cross.

Remember to follow these tips to ensure a worry-free and safe holiday season with your loved ones.  For more safety tips, click here.

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