Hurricane Comparison: Andrew vs Irma

Hurricane Irma and Hurricane Andrew are two of the largest and most devastating hurricanes to ever hit Florida. Although there is a 25-year difference between the two, comparisons have been made due to their size and strength. Here is a detailed look at how Hurricane Andrew and Hurricane Irma compare:


Andrew: Occurred from August 16th to August 28th of 1992.

Irma: Occurred from August 30th to September 13th of 2017.

Category and Wind Speeds:

Andrew: Hurricane Andrew hit Florida as a Category 5 Hurricane with sustained winds at 143 mph and gusts reaching 173 mph.

Irma: Hurricane Irma hit Florida as a Category 4 Hurricane with winds at 185 mph and gusts reaching a whopping 210 mph.

Their Track in Florida:

Andrew: According to Accuweather, Andrew churned along the east-to-west coast of South Florida rapidly. Particularly causing the most damage to southern Dade County.

Irma: Hurricane Irma went along the west coast of Florida, from the south to north. Irma caused damage to such a large area of the State due to its track and spread out hurricane-force winds.

Damage and Cost:

Andrew: Hurricane Andrew destroyed roughly 125,000 homes, costing $25 billion in damages. Andrew was the most expensive natural disaster in U.S. history until Hurricane Katrina in 2005.

Irma: Due to Irma's size and strength, the Office for Coastal Management reports the damages to cost roughly $50 billion. Which puts Irma in the top 5 of the costliest hurricanes on record in the United States.

As we hope to never have to endure another hurricane like Andrew or Irma, it is always important we are informed and prepared. Check out our blog for useful hurricane preparation tips and information. For a more in-depth look at the comparisons between Andrew and Irma, click here.

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