Preventing Water Damage from Your Washing Machine

Washing machines can do a lot of damage if you aren't careful. A burst in the water supply lines is the cause of many flooding incidents in the home. Here are some simple ways to avoid water damage resulting from your washing machine:

Keep it Leveled: If your washing machine is not on a leveled surface, this can cause it to move around because of the vibrations and movements from within, causing shifting and cracks in the water pipes. This can lead to drops of water on the floor, or even a flood. Make sure your washing machine is on balanced, leveled surface.

Run Smaller Loads: By overfilling your washing machine, you are at risk of water overflow. It may be easier to wash a larger load at once, but you could also be doing some damage. By running a smaller load, you can also ensure your washing machine will stay put and not be forced to move around.

Replace Your Hoses: You should be replacing your water hoses every 2-3 years to ensure they are not wearing out. Most inexpensive washing machine hoses have a rubber casing, which does not give the maximum protection. For better protection, your hoses should have metal casing, which may prevent a very expensive claim in the future.

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