The Hunt for Hidden Home Hazards

Homeowners can easily spot obvious hazards like leaks in the ceiling or frequent power outages, and immediately take action to fix the problem. However, there are hidden home hazards homeowners are not as likely to detect. Instead of hunting for eggs this April, hunt for some of these hidden home hazards:

Cracks and Gaps

Potential damages to the foundation of your home can be major causes for accidents, which is why you should always be on the lookout for cracks and gaps. Check along the window frames, door jams, and flooring for cracks and unevenness. If a minor crack becomes a larger gap over time, call a professional for an inspection before the situation gets worse.

Flickering Lights

Signs of flickering or dimming lights, blown fuses, warm or discolored wall plates, crackling, sizzling, or buzzing from outlets can be causes of an overloaded electrical circuit. Being shocked by appliances or smelling a burning odor from them, can be indicators for serious hidden hazards. Be sure to call a trusted electrician to investigate and repair any electrical issues in your home. To avoid this or any other fire related accidents, read more fire safety tips here.

Dryer Lint

The U.S. Fire Administration reports 2,900 home clothes dryer fires each year, with the leading cause being failure to remove the lint from the dryer. While many have the good habit of emptying their lint screens after each load, some don't realize dryer lint can build-up and linger in the dryer and vents. If it's taking longer than usual for clothes to dry or the clothes are very hot after a dry cycle, you could have a hidden build-up of lint. Because lint is an extremely flammable material, having a routine of cleaning dryer screens after each cycle and cleaning out your dryer vent often, is important for all homeowners.

Hidden Leaks

We can all spot an obvious leak from our faucets, but how can we spot leaks from pipes hidden in the walls? The walls in our bathrooms are home for many pipes, and we tend not to notice potentially leaky pipes until it's too late. You can spot potential damage if there is blistering paint, warped walls, damaged wallpaper, loose tiles, a buckling or cracked floor, and mold or mildew on non-shower walls. Water damage can cause major structural issues, as well as cause mold. Call a professional for an inspection if you have any of these warning signs in your home.

Crawling Critters

Nobody wants bugs in their home, and we often call exterminators at the first sight of them. However, subterranean termites are hidden hazards who eat the wood in our home causing major structural damage over time. These critters, who often go unnoticed, can leave behind evidence like: mud tubes, shredded wings that look like tiny fish scales, sagging or blisters in flooring, hollow or weak sounding wood, or damaged wood. If you spot any of these signs, call your local exterminator so they can assess the extent of the issue and help you eliminate these pests. Preventing damage to your home from such critters is important as this type of damage is not covered by your homeowners insurance policy.

Roof Damage

Homeowners should inspect their roofs at least twice a year to ensure it's in good condition. When inspecting, look out for bumps or dips and any discolored, missing, or broken shingles. If you have a tile roof, look for cracked or missing tiles.  Once you have identified any issues, be sure to call a professional roofer to make any necessary repairs on a timely basis. Wear and tear on your roof is not a covered peril on your homeowners policy. The last thing we want is to deny a claim because of improper maintenance.

End your Hunt for Quality Insurance

Homeowners should routinely be on the hunt for hidden home hazards, but don't need to continue hunting for quality insurance. Edison Insurance Company has the perfect policy for you and your needs. Keeping your family and home safe is Edison Insurance Company's number one priority. Ask your agent how they can help make sure you have the proper coverage or call us at 866-568-8922.

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