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What is covered under identity theft coverage?

An Identity Theft policy reimburses the policyholder for money spent on reclaiming and repairing their financial identities and credit rating. These costs often include legal assistance, phone bills, and office expenses that can lead to thousands of dollars.

Identity Theft
What is the difference between identity theft protection and identity theft insurance?

Identity theft insurance provides restoration services in the event your identity is stolen and provides coverage to pay for many of the expenses incurred from resolving the breech, unlike identify theft protection.

Identity Theft
Who do I call to make a claim?

Should a loss occur prior to the assumption date, Citizens will be able to assist you with filing the claim.  After the assumption date you may file your claim with Edison Insurance by calling (888) 683-7971.

Citizens Takeout
Claims and Damages
How do I make a policy payment?

Any payment due prior to your Citizens policy expiration date, should be paid to Citizens. Your agent is the best source of information if you are unsure of where to send a payment. You may also contact Citizens customer service for payment questions. Once you have received a renewal package from Edison Insurance Company, payments can be made online at upon registering your policy and creating a username and password. You may also contact our Customer Service Department or your agent for assistance in processing your payment.  We accept all major credit cards and have 4 convenient payment plans available to meet your budgetary needs.

Citizens Takeout
What is Edison Insurance’s experience when it comes to handling claims?

Edison Insurance Company has helped Floridians recover from major hurricanes which have impacted our state. We have done this by maintaining a robust surplus and procuring several layers of reinsurance to support forecasted claims, even in years where multiple events may occur.

Citizens Takeout
Claims and Damages
Why should I select Edison Insurance as my new homeowner's carrier?

Edison Insurance has been serving and protecting Florida families over the past 15 years. In addition to repairing homes from common occurrences like pipe breaks and theft; we have helped thousands of families recover from 5 major hurricanes which have impacted our state since 2005. We specialize in Florida home insurance and understand the risks Floridians face. Our team of dedicated professionals and comprehensive coverage options along with our Florida specific experience make Edison Insurance the right choice for your family and home.

Citizens Takeout
I have a very valuable piece of jewelry. Is this covered by my basic policy

If you own a item of specific value, you can add an endorsement, called Scheduled Personal Property (SPP), which acts like a mini-insurance policy on the specified and listed item or add Extended Coverage, which increases protection on jewelry, watches and furs (up to an aggregate limit for all of these items together which is specified on your policy). Both provide all-risks coverage (except for a few exclusions). Many people get extra protection on jewelry, cameras, coin and stamp collections, fine arts, furs, golfing equipment, guns, musical instruments, outboard motor boats, and silverware/goldware.

What coverage is right for you?

A little preparation goes a long way; and we want your coverage plan to fit your needs.  Investing a little of your time making a list of possessions, staying abreast of local building costs, and remembering to meet with your agent annually to review your policy, can help you customize a policy that fits your needs. Here are a few things to consider when outlining your coverage plan:

  • Have local building costs risen?
  • Has your home been remodeled or expanded?
  • Do you know what your insurance deductible is?
  • Do you have money set aside to cover the deductible if you have a loss?
  • Do you have an inventory of your possessions?
  • Do you need additional coverage for assets like jewelry, art collections, fur coats or other expensive items?
  • Do you need coverage for additional living expenses after a disaster?
  • Do you need flood coverage in the event water rises into your home from a lake or storm surge?
  • Do you require animal liability protection should your pet injure someone?
  • Do you need an umbrella or excess liability policy?
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Condominium Insurance
Renters Insurance
What is a Takeout/Assumption?

A Takeout/Assumption occurs when an authorized private-market carrier acquires or selects policies from Citizens Property Insurance Corp. (Citizens). Private-market carriers are approved by the Office of Insurance Regulation prior to participating in a takeout. In addition, we have taken steps to notify your agent we have selected your policy for assumption.

Citizens Takeout
Is flood damage covered in a homeowners policy?

No, a standard homeowners policy does not cover damage resulting from flooding, often referred to as rising water.

Flood Insurance
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