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Fraud Alert


During the past several months, Edison Insurance Company has received reports of check scam involving our company.  If you receive a check in the mail along with a request to contact someone by text or phone, it may be fraud!
It has been discovered checks bearing the name of Edison Insurance Company have been fraudulently issued to consumers in response to an online employment/advertisement venture.  The scam may also request recipients to cash the check and pay a fee.
Should you think you have received a fraudulent check, have been contacted regarding a check in exchange for funds, or may have been a victim of this scam, please contact our Special Investigation Unit at 866-923-2920 or by email at reportfraud@floridapeninsula.com.  You can also report fraud to the State of Florida by clicking here.

Edison Insurance Company Celebrates 1 Year in Business


Thanks to our employees, agents, and policyholders, Edison Insurance Company is shining bright as we celebrate the completion of our first year in business.

At Edison Insurance Company, we have taken a bright and innovative approach to homeowners insurance offering coverage options to customize a policy to fit your needs. Allow us to shine our light on you and your family by insuring your home, condominium, and precious belongings.

As we continue to be the bright choice for your homeowners insurance needs, Edison Insurance Company looks forward to welcoming new policyholders into our family for many years to come.

To learn more about Edison Insurance Company, or to get a quote, visit our website or call (866) 568-8922.

Welcome to the Edison Insurance Company Blog

Welcome to the Edison Insurance Company Blog. Edison Insurance Company is the new bright light shining on Florida’s homeowners insurance market. Our innovative and simple approach to homeowners insurance provides customizable coverage options to best fit your needs.

Stop by our blog often, as we shine light on home insurance and share safety tips.

Edison insurance company has flipped the switch on homeowners insurance.By providing our customers with quality coverage at competitive rates along with exceptional service, Edison Insurance Company is the "bright idea" in homeowners insurance. If you are in the market for a homeowners insurance quote, call 866-568-8922 or visit our website.