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Florida Home Maintenance for the Summer


Summertime can mean vacations, pool parties and time for relaxing. To prepare for these good times, take the time to do some routine home maintenance. Read our list of tasks Florida homeowners should follow to prepare for the summer.


Service Your Air Conditioner

During the hottest days of the year, you’ll want to make sure you have a functioning AC unit. Keeping up with routine cleaning and replacing your filters can help your unit run smoothly all year long. Make sure to clean more often if you smoke in your home or have pets. If you think your AC system is not working properly or in need of an inspection, reach out to a local AC company to come take a look.  Edison policyholders may enjoy additional premium discounts by having an HVAC maintenance contract in place.  Ask your agent how to start saving.


Consider a Roof Inspection

Florida summer also means the start of hurricane season and regular thunderstorms. You don’t want to experience a loss because of an issue which could’ve been easily fixed. Look around your roof and fix any small holes or gaps to prevent any further damage. If you fear there might be a larger issue, hire a local roof inspector and get the suggested repairs done by a trusted professional.


Schedule Pool Maintenance

In the Florida heat, jumping into your pool can be the most refreshing feeling. Before splashing in the water, have your pool system serviced to clear out the drains and pipes from any debris. Be sure to keep up with routine maintenance to keep your pool system working properly all summer long.


Clear Gutters & Trim Trees

If you have a lot of greenery surrounding your home, it’s time to tend to them before the summer season starts. Clear out your gutters and downspouts to avoid mold and mildew buildup from leaves and sticks being clogged by the Florida afternoon showers. Trim your trees to keep debris out of the gutters and from causing possible damage to your home during storms. Plants and shrubs should avoid touching your home as they could be bridges for pests escaping the heat to enter your home.


Review Your Insurance Policy

Before starting your Florida summer, review your insurance policy. Make sure you have all the proper coverage should damage or an accident happen in your home. Remember, flood coverage is typically not included within your standard homeowners policy, it is important to obtain flood insurance prior to the summer season, as a 30-day waiting period may be necessary before obtaining this valuable coverage.


Ask your agent how they can help make sure you have the proper coverage or call us at 866-568-8922. Looking to get a quote? Visit our website to get your free customized quote now!

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