Florida Hurricane Prep 101

Chances are, all Florida homeowners have or will experience a hurricane, and the best way to keep you and your family safe is by preparing for the worst. If you're not sure where and when to start preparations, read our Florida hurricane prep tips below, giving you the 101 on all you should know:

Repair and Prepare Outside

Before hurricane season starts, conduct your own home safety check of your roof, gutters, and trees. Make sure to take care of any needed maintenance ahead of time, either on your own or with a professional. Clear space in your garage or shed for any yard furniture, decorations, or tools. As a hurricane gets near, you'll be ready to easily clear the yard and install hurricane shudders as needed.

Stock Supplies in Advance

Supplies become limited when it's a few days before a storm; recent supply chain issues may compound this problem this year. Stocking up on your hurricane needs ahead of time can reduce stress when hurricanes are approaching. It is best to gather your hurricane supplies months before the season arrives. Here is a basic list of things you will need. Packing a supply kit is good to have in case of an emergency, and you can find a list of items here.

Have an Emergency Plan

Discuss with your family members a plan of action if an emergency or evacuation should occur. Know the safe places to hide in your home if it becomes compromised and wait until after the storm passes and local officials deem it safe, to leave your home. Establish a meeting point with family members, grab your supply kits, and don't forget to take into account any pets and their needs in the event of an evacuation, as all shelters are not pet-friendly.

Complete a Home Inventory

Having a documented inventory of all the valuable items in your home could help alleviate some of the stress if you need to make a claim. By using your camera or smartphone, take pictures to document the contents in your home. Send the inventory list to yourself via email making it accessible from another location in case you are unable to get back into your home. Find more tips on how to create a home inventory here.

Know Your Insurance Coverage

Before Hurricane season arrives this year, review your policy to make sure you are completely covered if disaster strikes. The last thing you want to worry about is how you will replace your home and valuables if they are destroyed. Remember, flood coverage is not included with your standard homeowners policy, and it is important to determine if you need flood insurance prior to Hurricane Season, as a 30-day waiting period may be necessary before obtaining this valuable coverage.

Contact your agent to help make sure you have the proper coverage or call us at 866-568-8922 for more information.

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