End-of-Hurricane-Season Tips for Florida Homeowners

It may seem as if Florida’s hurricane season never ends. It’s true, sort of. After the flurry of storm-watching news and activities between June 1 through November 30, hurricanes may be the last thing you want to think about. But remaining watchful – and continuing to take steps to protect yourself and your home in the event of a hurricane – is an important, year-round activity for Florida homeowners.


It’s Not Over Yet

Hurricane season runs through Nov. 30 each year, so it’s not time to celebrate just yet. Continue to stay alert and ready, should a storm develop in the next month or so. All the usual hurricane preparation tips still apply, including:


  • Keep your car gassed up
  • If needed, top off your hurricane supplies
  • Continue to maintain the trimmed trees you began hurricane season with
  • Know where your important documents are
  • Dust off your disaster plan and know whether you're likely to stay or evacuate
  • Continue to keep gutters and drains free of debris and other sources of potential clogs
  • Recheck the proper storage and functioning of your generator and grill (if you have one)
  • Assess seals around your windows and doors to ensure they're still intact and able to keep water out during heavy rainfall


Lessons Learned

Now is a great time to review how prepared you've been so far in 2023. Even if you didn't experience a storm in your area this year – you may next year; this is Florida, after all. Take a moment to review how well your hurricane preparations, run-throughs, and any actual events went, and where you can improve in 2024.


Key takeaways can help you face future storms and hurricane seasons in a much better position. For example, did you have any issues with keeping adequate supplies on hand? Perhaps there was something you needed but didn't have this year? Make sure it's on your list for next year. There may be other areas you can improve on, including evacuation routes, how you plan to communicate with those you love in the event of an emergency or should you get separated, and much more.


Are You Ready for Next Time?

It's never too early to fortify your home against hurricanes and tropical storms, especially when you live in Florida. Are you thinking about installing permanent hurricane shutters, upgrading your roof (or how well it's anchored to the rest of your home), or investing in a monitored fire and security system?


Doing any of these things may also qualify you for an insurance discount or lowered premium. Finding out if you qualify for credits or a discount is as easy as contacting your Edison Insurance Company agent for a referral to an authorized company to perform a wind mitigation inspection, for starters.


End of hurricane season is a great time to start researching and budgeting for any big home improvements to help you better withstand future storms.

Reassess Your Insurance Needs

Do you have the right amount of homeowners insurance coverage? It helps to review exactly what your coverage limits are, as well as the amounts of various deductibles. Going over this with your insurance agent each year allows you to more appropriately account for changing situations. Have you made big new purchases? If so, you may want to consider upping your personal property coverage. Have you made significant upgrades to your home – such as a new addition to the home or leveling up your bathrooms? You’ll want to be sure your policy reflects your home’s new value, post-improvements.


Hurricane Safety in Florida Means Being Prepared Year-Round

The 2023 hurricane season in Florida is almost over. Still, if you live in Florida, you understand how critical it is to remain prepared for potential storms all year long. Make sure you and your home have everything needed to withstand a hurricane or tropical storm. Being prepared may be all standing between you and a costly rebuilding after a storm barrels through your neighborhood, no matter where you live in Florida.


Ask your agent how Edison Insurance Company can help you get the right type of protection in place now, before anything disastrous happens. If you’re not currently insured with us, get an online quote now. 

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