How to Save on Your Homeowners Insurance

Protecting your home and saving money on your homeowners insurance policy go hand and hand. When your home’s roof and structure feature wind resistant elements, the ability to capture wind mitigation credits and discounts becomes a possibility. Learn more about the discounts and credits available to you here.

Wind Mitigation Inspection: A Money-Saver

Assessing Your Home
Licensed professionals prepare Wind Mitigation Inspection and issue reports, assessing how well certain features of your home will be able to withstand high winds.
State Allowed Credit and Discounts
With a Wind/Roof Mitigation report, your insurer may apply credits/discounts based on state guidelines and your home’s reinforced features listed in the report.
Discount and Credit Features
Knowing the strengths and vulnerabilities of your roof and home may save you money on insurance and identify upgrades needed to better protect you and your family.
Protection for Your Home and Family
Wind/Roof Mitigation reports are a must to secure the best possible premium and to determine the safety features of your home prior to a storm event or a loss occurring.

Roof and Storm Protection Reinforcement Options

Let’s start from the top with roof mitigation options.  Your home’s roof design alone may be a mitigating factor which can significantly reduce the amount of damage your home will sustain during high winds or a storm. A well-designed strong and sturdy roof is a must in Florida to protect your home and loved ones from our harsh weather conditions.
Design matters! Hip roofs, which slope downward on all sides, are ideal for withstanding Florida's high-speed winds. This aerodynamic shape lowers the risk of roof uplift, leading to major insurance discounts.
It starts at the top. Your roof deck is the flat surface between the trusses and shingles/tiles and when secured with appropriate nails and spacing, may prevent the roof from being lifted during high winds.
Materials make a difference. Impact-resistant shingles, metal roofing, and tiles are the best materials to use in our harsh climate when it comes to protecting your roof against high winds, leaks, and storms.
Secure from top to bottom. Hurricane clips or straps connect roof trusses to the house walls, reducing the pull of high winds on your roof and allowing your home to better withstand extreme weather.
Keep the water out. A water-resistant underlayment, which lays atop the roof deck, helps prevent water intrusion should any shingles or tiles become damaged.
Hold on tight. Gable roofs (with just 2 sloping sides) tend to be more susceptible to wind damage. Adding additional bracing to the triangular gable ends may stabilize the home during a storm event.
Let’s vent. Installing wind-resistant roof vents and properly securing soffits can help minimize wind-driven rain from entering the attic space and prevent wind uplift.
Maintenance is key. Maintaining your roof and replacing damaged or missing shingles can prolong your roof quality and lifespan and save you money in the long run.
Batten down the hatches! Secure your home with code-approved hurricane shutters and impact-resistant windows and doors for all openings to save on insurance premiums.

Do You Qualify for Credits and Discounts?

The journey to uncovering available credits and discounts begins with hiring a licensed home or roofing inspector, to properly assess your home for the above features. Once an inspection is obtained, you will have the necessary information to make changes and secure discounts.

Schedule Your Inspection

Reach out to your agent for a referral to a local and licensed inspection company for a roof mitigation inspection.

Review and Submit

Upon reviewing the final report provided, contact your local agent to submit the report.

Start Saving

Once the report is processed eligible credits and discounts will be applied to your policy.

Additional Homeowner Discounts

In addition to wind mitigation inspection discounts, we offer additional cost-saving measures to policyholders, such as:

Senior Discount

If any named insured is 55 or older, you're eligible for reduced premiums.

Burglar & Fire Alarm Discount

Secure your home with a monitored security system and fire safety devices to not only safeguard your property, but also earn insurance discounts.

Claims-Free Discount

Haven't made a claim in a while? We acknowledge your responsible homeownership with a claims-free discount on your insurance policy.
Discount amounts will vary.

To discuss whether you have the home coverage you need, or to ask about possible discounts or reduced-rate premiums, call your Edison Insurance agent.
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Obtain the Discounts and Credits You Deserve

Have questions about your policy and the discounts and credits provided? Reach out to your local agent today.