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Sometimes in life, the unexpected happens. Edison Insurance offers best-in-class coverage options should unforeseen scenarios occur. Protect your personal information from acts of identity theft and potential fraud. Call your agent to add this coverage to your policy today.
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What exactly is identity theft insurance?

Identity theft coverage is a protective financial product that's designed to cover the expenses you may incur after being defrauded. The right policy can not only save you money, but time and energy as well. Keep reading to see what you need to know about identity theft insurance and how to shield yourself from falling victim to fraud.

Who needs identity theft insurance?

Just like any other type of insurance you might have, the cost of not having identity theft insurance far exceeds the cost of your premium.

The potential monetary loss, legal fees, and stress caused by your identity being stolen can impact your life and stability in a significant way. In a time when personal information is so vulnerable, it makes sense to set yourself up with protection for the worst case scenario.

What's covered?

Identity theft insurance policies usually cover:
Lost documented wages from an employer
Attorney fees
Loan reapplication fees if your first application was rejected due to fraud
Personal assistance to help you monitor your credit and mediate between you and your creditors

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What is covered under identity theft coverage?

An Identity Theft policy reimburses the policyholder for money spent on reclaiming and repairing their financial identities and credit rating. These costs often include legal assistance, phone bills, and office expenses that can lead to thousands of dollars.

What is the difference between identity theft protection and identity theft insurance?

Identity theft insurance provides restoration services in the event your identity is stolen and provides coverage to pay for many of the expenses incurred from resolving the breech, unlike identify theft protection.

What is identity theft?

Identity theft occurs when someone steals your personal information in an attempt to commit fraud. An identity thief will typically open credit cards or lines of credit, file taxes, or get medical services in your name without your knowledge. These activities will damage your credit and cost you time and money to rectify.

Is this the same coverage offered by my financial institution?

Unlike the coverage offered by many financial institutions, identity theft coverage pays for you to recover your identity (including a case manager or consumer fraud specialist) which is the long-term effect of this crime. Your financial institution can quickly recoup any monies you may have lost within a few days once your bank or credit card company are notified in most instances.

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