Coverage F: Medical Payments

Medical payments coverage protects against payments for minor medical bills if someone is injured on your property.
Edison Insurance - Coverage F - Medical Payments

All About Medical Payments Coverage

Last but certainly not least, Coverage F is offered as part of Edison Insurance’s homeowner’s insurance policy to provide an additional level of financial protection to cover any medical bills incurred by someone who gets injured on your property.

Usually when friends, family or guests come to your home, it’s for fun gatherings and exciting celebrations. Accidents happen and visitors injure themselves unintentionally.

For any injuries that take place inside your home or on your physical property, Medical Payments coverage is in place to cover any costs associated with treating any of these types of injuries that happen on your property. These include most medical expenses such as hospital bills, tests and scans, potential surgery, prescriptions and medical recovery equipment such as a wheelchair or crutches.

What’s covered?

Coverage F can typically cover expenses sustained in order to resolve a medical emergency, such as:
Immediate medical attention
Ambulance rides
Hospital stays

How do I know if I need Coverage F?

Keeping your family and your guests safe is our #1 priority. Having the ability to provide monetary resources to reimburse the medical costs to someone who may become injured while on your property will be a relief. Coverage F, or medical payments coverage is offered at a minimum of $2,000 and can be increased to $5,000, with the addition of our Platinum package.

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