Coverage C: Personal Property

Coverage for your personal belongings such as furniture, clothing, jewelry, electronics, and entertainment equipment.
Florida Peninsula Insurance - Coverage C - Personal Property

All About Personal Property Coverage

Coverage options don’t just stop at the physical structures themselves. Why is this? Because the personal possessions that family members own inside of a home can often be just as valuable as the actual real estate they’re placed within.

Homeowners have many passions, interests, hobbies, and inspirations in their life that help them convey their sense of style and the way they express themselves. As a result, home interiors often contain high quality furniture, appliances, electronics, jewelry, and other keepsakes.

Thankfully, this is the reason why personal property coverage, or Coverage C, was established under the homeowner’s insurance policy. Protect any damaged or destroyed personal items to ensure you can replace your most prized possessions.

What’s covered?

Coverage C offers protection against loss of personal property such as:
Fire or smoke
Water damage caused by burst pipes
Falling objects
Weight of ice, snow, or sleet
Impact by aircraft or land vehicle

How much Coverage C do I need?

Your belongings are mementos of the life you have lived and coverage for your precious personal items is a must for most families. Coverage C typically default to 25% of the Coverage A limit selected and may be increased to 75% of Coverage A or excluded altogether, although not recommended.

In instances where you require more than 75% of the Coverage A limit, additional coverage may be scheduled with the assistance of your agent of record.

Coverage options for every possibility.

We understand that every customer is unique, so we offer many additional types of coverage for you to choose from.

We approach homeowner’s insurance from all angles.

At Edison Insurance, we offer homeowners insurance policies with comprehensive coverages you can count on when you need it most.
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