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An Edison Insurance policy will not only protect your home from perils such as tropical storms and hurricanes, lightning, liability claims, vandalism, theft, and fire, but will also give you the added peace of mind knowing you are properly protected with a policy specifically tailored to your needs.


Standard home insurance policies provide the following types of coverage, up to the limits outlined in the policies:
  • Dwelling (Coverage A) — Pays for damage or destruction to your house, attached structures, and fixtures in your house such as built-in appliances.
  • Other Structures (Coverage B, HO-3 Only) — Covers detached structures such as garages, storage sheds, and fixtures attached to the land such as garages, sheds, and fences.
  • Personal Property (Coverage C) — Covers the contents of your house, including furniture, clothing and appliances, if they are stolen, damaged, or destroyed as covered in the policy.
  • Loss of Use (Coverage D) — Pays for additional living expenses if your home is too damaged to live in during repairs.
  • Liability (Coverage E) — Protects you against financial loss if you are sued and found legally responsible for someone else's injury or property damage.
  • Medical Payments (Coverage F) — Covers medical bills for people hurt on your property. Medical Payments coverage also pays for some injuries that may happen away from your home, such as if your dog bites someone.


You also can purchase the following optional home insurance coverages:

  • Personal Property Replacement Cost – Personal Property Replacement Cost (PPRC) coverage provides replacement of a lost or damaged item with an identical item or comparable item with no deduction for depreciation.
  • Sinkhole Coverage – Protects homeowners from structural damage to their home resulting from confirmed sinkhole activity. Sinkhole coverage is different from Catastrophic Ground Cover Collapse coverage, which is typically covered by your homeowners policy. Sinkhole coverage may be added at new business or renewal after inspection. Certain restrictions apply and are noted in your insurance policy.
  • Law and Ordinance – Provides coverage for loss caused by the enforcement of laws and ordinances regulating construction and repair of damaged buildings. The basic coverage limit is 10% of Coverage A and may be increased to 25% or 50% of Coverage A.
  • Increased Limits Premium Packages – Plus, Gold and Platinum Premium Packages offer changes in coverage on a package basis for money, credit card/forgery, jewelry/furs, personal injury, personal liability, medial payments, water back-up & sump overflow.
  • Animal Liability – Provides animal liability coverage of $25,000 and medical payments of $2,000. Certain restrictions apply and are noted in your insurance policy.
  • Identity Theft Expense Coverage – Pays for expenses incurred by an insured as a direct result of any single identity theft or fraud first discovered or learned of during the policy period and provides coverage up to a limit of $25,000.
  • Limited Fungi, Wet or Dry Rot, Yeast or Bacteria Coverage Increased Limits – Provides coverage for losses to covered real or personal property, owned by an insured that is damaged by fungi, wet or dry rot, yeast or bacteria on the residence. The basic coverage limit of $10,000 may be increased, subject to appropriate underwriting and inspection, to $25,000 or $50,000.
  • Screened Enclosure, Carport and Awning Coverage (HO-3 Only) – Provides coverage for losses to screened enclosures, aluminum-framed carports or awnings in increments of $10,000 up to a maximum of $50, 000.
  • Units Regularly Rented to Others (HO-6 Only) – HO-6 Coverage provides exclusions for Coverage C and Section II – Liability when the residence premises is regularly rented or held for rental to others. The policy may be endorsed to remove this exclusion.
  • Unit Owners Coverage A - Special Coverage (HO-6 Only) – The Section I Perils Insured Against may be broadened to cover additional risks of loss.
  • Water Back Up and Sump Discharge or Overflow – Provides coverage for loss resulting from water which backs up through sewers or drains or which overflows or is discharged from a sump, sump pump, or related equipment. The limit of liability available under this option is $5,000.



  • You should always refer to your policy for a complete list of exclusions, which may include such events as; earth movement and settlement, power failure, war, nuclear hazards, neglect, intentional loss, and other circumstances.