Protect Your Valuables Over the Holidays

'Tis the season to don your finest holiday party attire. And if you enjoy looking swanky, holiday parties are the perfect occasion to adorn yourself with all the trimmings, including your best jewelry, watches and more. Or perhaps a loved one gifted you with something absolutely precious to wear this holiday season. Either way, you'll want to protect valuables as best you can.


The same is true for musicians with high-end instruments, art collectors, or artisans like photographers, for whom their lens and other camera equipment is life itself. Whatever your situation, be sure to take care of your prized possessions so you can enjoy them for a lifetime.


Insure Your Treasures


Go ahead and show off those gemstones and other treasured possessions this holiday season! With the right insurance, you can protect valuables you care about, such as:


  • High-end bracelets, necklaces and earrings
  • Wedding and engagement rings
  • Designer watches
  • Sculptures and original paintings
  • Rare coin, stamp or other collections
  • Vintage guitars
  • Pianos and grand pianos
  • String and wind instruments
  • High-end audio equipment
  • Professional camera or video equipment


Talk to your Edison Insurance Company agent to ensure you have adequate coverage for your valuables. This might involve getting specific riders/endorsements for high-value items. For example, you may need to increase your homeowners insurance limits with our  premium special packages.


With Edison Insurance, you can even choose coverage at replacement cost – the best available coverage – for your household belongings (personal property, aka Coverage C in your policy).


Guard Against Theft


There are numerous ways you can protect valuables you love from being stolen. This includes:


  • Social media – Be wary of posting photos of your valuables online.
  • Monitored home security system – Consider installing one, if you haven’t already; it may even qualify you for an insurance discount.
  • An occupied house – Maintaining the illusion someone is home can help prevent break-ins. This includes keeping some lights on (perhaps on a timer), having a car in the driveway, and not allowing mail or package deliveries to pile up outside.
  • Keep it locked – Don’t forget to lock all doors, including the garage and back door, before going to bed or whenever you leave the home.
  • Out of sight – If possible, keep your high-priced valuables in a safe, out-of-the-way area of your home. For smaller items, you may wish to consider a safe bolted to the wall or floor. Off-site storage, such as a safe deposit box at the bank, is another option.
  • Well lit – Ensure the perimeter of your home is lighted, such as with motion-sensor lights.
  • Barking dog(s) – Any size dog with a bark loud enough to bring unwanted attention to a possible home intrusion can help deter potential burglars.
  • Inventory – Keep a detailed inventory to protect valuables, including their descriptions, photos, serial numbers and receipts. Update the list as needed and store a copy in the cloud or a safe location.


Consider Tracking Devices


You may be surprised at the variety of technology available to help you locate people and things, in real time. Many of these devices use global positioning system (GPS) technology and cellular networks to monitor and track an object. The devices come in all shapes and sizes, with micro GPS tracking chips being among the newest and tiniest models.


  • GPS tracking uses a satellite-based navigation system. It offers the largest locating range, making it one of the most popular tracking technologies – and the most common. Virtually all cellphones have GPS built in. GPS tracking should work anywhere there is a clear view of the sky.


  • Bluetooth tracking works by pairing with another device, such as your cellphone, and communicating via short-range transmission. Think AirTags, Tiles, and TrackR. These devices are ideal for finding misplaced items because it requires your phone be closer to the tracker than GPS does.


We Protect Prized Possessions, So You Can Enjoy Them Without Worry


At Edison Insurance Company, we offer homeowners insurance and condo insurance – and we help protect valuables, including everything from your household belongings to expensive jewelry, furs, and more. Our theft coverage even includes money and personal property stolen from you while you’re away from home.


So you can truly relax and enjoy the festivities this holiday season, make sure your most prized possessions are insured. To find out just what a bargain this type of insurance can be, contact your Edison agent or get a quote online. 

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