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Category: Homeowners Insurance 101

What Is A Home Insurance Score, And How Does It Affect Your Premiums?

Read on to find out what a home insurance score is and why it will affect the amount you pay for your home insurance policy.

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One of Life’s Emergencies Covered | Edison Insurance Company

Homeowners insurance is just considered an additional living expense for most until a loss occurs, and you find yourself asking questions you never even thought of before while facing a multitude of repair costs. Keep your home, valuables, and finances protected with the right homeowners coverage in place.

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How Much is That Doggie in the Window from Edison Insurance Company

Welcoming a new pet into your home may be one of the happiest days of your life, and will change the dynamics of your family forever.  The cost of a pet surpasses its food, toys, and vet bills.  Pet ownership comes with great responsibility including obtaining the proper liability insurance and ensuring your policy will insure you should an incident occur with your pet.

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Homeowners Insurance on Shoestring Budget by Edison Insurance Company

Homeowners insurance premiums continue to rise with no relief in sight.  Saving on your premium is possible by carefully assessing your insurance needs and making small, but money saving, changes to your policy.

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Ho Ho Homeowners Coverage from Edison Insurance Company

Providing your family with the proper homeowners insurance coverage can be like having the best secret Santa gift exchange ever.

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5 Tips for Creating Your Home Inventory

Edison Insurance Company provides 5 important tips for creating a home inventory.  

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Does Homeowners Insurance Cover Your College Student's Possessions?

Do you know if your homeowners policy will provide coverage for your child going to college? Edison Insurance Company breaks down what you need to know.  

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Go Back-to-School on Homeowners Insurance Coverages

Edison Insurance Company is helping homeowners go “back-to-school” by learning more about homeowners insurance coverages.

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Why You Need Flood Insurance

We explain your risk for experiencing a flood and why you should obtain flood insurance

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How Much Personal Property Coverage Do I Need?

Determining if you have enough coverage for personal items is tough. We’ll explain how you can get the right amount of personal property coverage. 

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