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Archive: March 2018

What a Homeowners Policy Typically Covers


 A typical homeowners policy from Edison Insurance Company provides coverage in the event an unexpected (sudden and accidental) loss occurs due to; fire, lightning, vandalism, theft, liability, and hurricanes. Damage suffered to the home due to poor, or lack of maintenance, is not covered by a homeowners insurance policy.  Keeping up with yearly maintenance is the key to a safe and happy home.

Additional coverage options are available through most carriers, for things such as dog bites via Animal Liability coverage, jewelry, and furs, screen enclosures, flood coverage, etc. One important coverage often overlooked is flood.  Flood coverage is typically not included in your homeowners insurance policy, however, Edison Insurance Company offers an endorsement to qualifying homes which allows the addition of this protection.
Flooding is the number one disaster in the United States, causing millions of dollars in damages each year. Fortunately, Edison’s flood endorsement can provide you with peace of mind should an unexpected flood occur. Our flood endorsement is designed to cover your personal possessions up to your selected coverage amount and eliminates the need for a standalone flood insurance policy. Should your property not qualify for Edison Insurance Company’s flood endorsement, speak to with your agent about obtaining flood coverage through the Nation Flood Insurance Program (NFIP).
As a Florida homeowner, it is important to protect your property should the unexpected occur. Sufficient insurance coverage to fit the needs of your family is available through Edison Insurance Company. Should you have any questions or concerns about your policy, contact your agent, or call us at 866-568-8922. 


What is a Covered Loss?


Your homeowners insurance policy consists of coverages which may help in repairing or replacing your home and belongings should they be damaged by certain perils, such as a windstorm, fire, or theft. Each insurance policy is different, and it is imperative you understand what your policy covers in the event of a loss.
The easiest way to determine the difference between a covered loss and a maintenance related issue is to remember the general principles which govern an auto insurance policy. Auto carriers provide coverage in the in event of an unexpected or accidental event, not the general wear and tear associated with daily use such as; tires, brakes, and oil changes. For instances, should a pipe in your home leak for months, resulting in major water damage, the loss will not be considered a covered loss, as it was not accidental or unexpected.
In many cases, taking measures to prevent further damage can save you time, effort, and money. Take some time to inspect your home and make repairs to effectively prevent further damage. Should you wish not to partake in routine maintenance yourself, several companies offer maintenance repair contracts for your home and appliances.
Remember, your homeowners insurance carrier may deny a claim if damages were caused by lack of maintenance or wear and tear. Therefore, it is crucial for you to report damage to your property the moment it presents itself and to not wait until the problem becomes worse. Should a claim arise, report it to Edison Insurance Company immediately by calling 888-683-7971.
The safety of you and your family is Edison Insurance Company’s top priority. Our mission is to provide quality coverage at competitive rates while providing exceptional service. For more information on homeowners insurance in Florida, or to get a quote, call us at 866-568-8922.