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Category: Gardening Tips

Winter Gardening Tips

You may not think gardening is very important during the winter. By the time this season rolls around, most yards have been cleaned and raked, and shrubs have been pruned. Most people wait around for warmer weather and then start to plan their beautiful garden. The problem is, if you wait until summer, your garden may not turn out the way you imagined.
Beautiful landscapes are the result of long-term planning. Winter makes a great season to plan the overall design of your yard and plan improvements. Here are some tips to help create your beautiful summer garden:
  • Check or install an irrigation system: When Spring approaches, you won’t want to worry about repairs or replacements. If you don’t have one, consider having a system installed while contractors are easily available, unlike summer.
  • Make a plan: Even if you have to draw it out on paper, it is best to figure out exactly how you want things to look in terms of design. You want it to look like you had a plan, not like you rushed and placed plants in the ground last minute.
  • Revitalize the soil: Rich soil is the key to a great garden. Use compost from fallen leaves and grass clippings. This will loosen the soil while adding vital nutrients.
  • Treat weeds: When temperatures are over 55 degrees, you should ensure your weeds are removed. The longer you ignore them, the harder they will be to handle.
  • Continue to water your lawn and flower beds: Even though they don’t require weekly watering, they still need irrigation in the winter. (Fun fact: this also provides water for small creatures such as birds and squirrels)
We hope you will take these suggestions into consideration when planning for Spring. Enjoy.

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