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Archive: January 2018

5 Tips for Successful New Years Resolutions

Welcome, 2018! As a new year begins, many take this time to reflect on the past year and look forward to the future by setting goals and resolutions for the upcoming year. According to US News, nearly 80% of New Year’s resolutions fail by the second week of February. Do not become a part of this statistic, and make 2018 the year your New Year’s resolution lasts by following these 5 tips:
  1. Be Realistic
Select attainable goals which can be achieved within a reasonable time frame. Short term goals can equal long-term results. Should you still be looking for a resolution, consider an annual check-up on your home insurance
  1. Share your Resolutions with others
Informing your family members or close friends about your goals will help you stay accountable.
  1. Plan on Setbacks
Obsessing over an occasional change in your resolution plan will not help you achieve your goal. All you can do is try your best, and take it one day at a time.
  1. Stay Persistent
According to experts, it takes 21 days to two months for new habits and behaviors to form. Remember it’s a marathon, not a sprint. Be patient and do not give up.
  1. Celebrate Victories
If you made strides towards your goals, reward yourself with a special treat just for you.
Edison Insurance Company wishes you a happy, healthy, and safe 2018.

Keeping your family and home safe and protected is Edison Home Insurance Company’s  main focus. We have taken a bright and innovative approach to Florida homeowners insurance with coverage options which allows you to customize a policy to best fit your needs. To learn more about Edison Insurance Company, or to obtain a personalized quote, call us at (866) 568-8922.

Annual Check-Up on Your Home

The new year often serves as a great reminder for annual check-ups. Like your annual check-up at the doctor’s office, your home and homeowners insurance require an annual check-up too. Consider these tips when conducting an annual check-up of your homeowners insurance:
Make, or update your home inventory

Over the holidays, you may have received some new items which should be documented in your home inventory. In the event of a loss, having a home inventory can expedite the claims process. Create a home inventory by listing your belongings and their estimated value. Keep more than one copy of your inventory in a safe and protected location.
Conduct a home inspection
Keeping your home and family safe and healthy starts with maintenance and preventative measures. Conduct a home inspection by checking for damage such as cracks, leaks, and breaks in the interior and exterior of your home. Should areas of your home be in need of repair, fix them as soon as possible to prevent further damage.
Review your homeowners insurance coverage
Many things can change over the course of a year, which may have an impact on your home insurance needs.  Read through your policy to better understand the coverages you have purchased, and contact your agent if you have any concerns, or need to make changes. Remember, Edison Insurance Company has several coverage options which can be tailored to suit your needs. Should the unexpected occur, you will have peace of mind knowing your home is covered.
We hope you take these tips into consideration to have a happy, safe, and worry-free 2018. 
Thank you for visiting the Edison Insurance Company Blog. Keeping your family and home safe and protected is our number one priority. Edison Insurance Company has taken a bright and innovative approach to Florida homeowners insurance with coverage options allowing you to customize a policy to best fit your needs. To learn more about us, or to receive a personalized home insurance quote, visit our website

Tax Identity Theft Awareness Week

Did you know, tax identity theft is the most common form of identity theft reported to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC)? The issue has become so prevalent in recent years, the FTC has designated January 29- February 2, 2018, as Tax Identity Theft Awareness Week.
What is tax identity theft?

Tax identity theft occurs when someone files a tax return using your information, such as your Social Security number, in hopes of stealing your tax refund. Should you become a victim of tax identity theft, you will find out about it when you receive a letter from the IRS stating: IRS records show wages from an employer you do not know or work for, or more than one return has been filed in your name.
Protect Your Identity

Do not fall victim to tax identity theft by following these tips:
  • File as soon as possible
Once you have received all the necessary paperwork, file right away. In doing so, a thief cannot file a return in your name if you have already filed a legitimate return.
  • File safely and securely
Use a trusted service when filing your taxes, whether it is online or in person.
  • Protect your Social Security Number or Medicare number
Do not give out your personal information unless you must. Be sure to ask why it is needed, how it will be used, and where and how it will be stored.
What to do if your Social Security Number has been stolen

When someone has filed a tax return using your Social Security number, you should receive a letter from the IRS. If you don’t receive a letter and still suspect a fraudulent return has been filed with your personal information, there are steps you can take: Visit the identitytheft.gov  website, to report identity theft to the FTC and get a recovery plan.
Miami, Fort Lauderdale, and West Palm Beach are some of the top metro areas for identity theft complaints in Florida. Make sure you are protected.
You may also consider obtaining Identity Theft protection from Edison Insurance Company.  Talk to your agent about adding an identity theft endorsement to your policy for as little as $25 a year.  Edison’s endorsement will reimburse you for up to $25,000 for expenses incurred to restore your credit, as well as, provide you with “resolution services” from a consumer fraud specialist who will assist you in the process of restoring your identity and your credit to the level it was prior to the breach.

Keeping your family and home safe and protected is Edison Home Insurance Company’s number one priority. We have taken a bright and innovative approach to FL homeowners insurance with coverage options allowing you to customize a policy to best fit your needs. To learn more about Edison Insurance Company, or to get a personalized quote, call us at (866) 568-8922.